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(Smaller series from "Bible Comes Alive")

JOS-1. (1) THE COAT OF MANY COLORS - Joseph's Special Coat
                Genesis 35-37
           (2) MRS. POTIPHAR AND THE DUNGEON - Joseph's Advancement and  
                Genesis 39

JOS-2. (1) THE KING'S BUTLER AND THE KING'S BAKER - Joseph Interprets Dreams
                Genesis 40, 41
           (2) THE KING AND THE SLAVE - Joseph Made Prime Minister of Egypt Genesis 41, 42

JOS-3. (1) THE UNREASONABLE PRIME MINISTER - Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt to Buy Food  
                Genesis 42

           (2) THE GOVERNOR'S MYSTERIOUS FEAST - Joseph Entertains His Brothers
                Genesis 42, 43

JOS-4. (1) THE LONG DELAYED REUNION - Joseph Reunited With His Father - Genesis 44-47

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